Licence K is a communications consultancy and public relations agency specializing in new technology

At a time when everything can be disrupted, Licence K wants to be the spokesperson for innovation.

Anything is possible!


Technology is evolving to such an extent that the new major players in the technology industry have to write history. Licence K is there to accompany them throughout this process.

Our expertise in media relations and public relations enables Licence K to offer a high level global service to innovative technology companies who wish to spread their notoriety.

Licence K is an agency of the world in our time.

In terms of services offered, Licence K covers the entire spectrum of communications from product launches to public opinion strategy and reputation management.  Advice and consultancy for corporate communication strategy, global communications, digital communications and press relations. Licence K enables our clients to enhance their reputation and notoriety in the UK, US, France and on an international scale.



After an initial discussion with the agency during  which we identify your needs, Licence K will then carry out an analysis in order to plan an appropriate communication strategy.  Following this, the agency will identify your target audience according to the countries/regions in which you wish to conduct your campaign or leverage your reputation. Licence K will put this in place using the necessary tools in order to achieve successful media relations.

We offer a diverse range of additional marketing services, from making recommendations, planning and organizing events and producing print materials.  Thanks to our know-how, our agency is able to offer a global communications strategy which is both effective and impactful.

Media Relations


Our public relations service and high level of media relations is tailored towards specific media, such as consumer, trade  or B2B press.

Licence K naturally exploits multiple channels of communication offered by new and social media.

Our consumer and B2B media campaigns offer added value to our clients because we are able to reinforce or accentuate the visibility of their organization directly to their target audience.

Public Relations


Licence K works on identifying and organizing events such as conferences or trade fairs linked to the activities of their clients that will contribute to reinforce the client images and messages.

In terms of corporate public relations, Licence K is able to advise clients and make recommendations for suitable technology, design or innovation awards and to take care of the application process. We constantly monitor for new opportunities for our clients such as conferences, forums or panel discussions in which they could participate.



Licence K works on identifying brand ambassadors in order to convey a clear and distinctive message. The agency strives to put clients in touch with the relevant partners or organizations that offer new media or marketing opportunities.

An international communications consultancy

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As specialists in new technology, it is vital that Licence K operates in an international playing field in terms of media relations and event organization. We work throughout Europe as well as in North America.

Who we are

Noir et blanc

We are nothing without our clients and not much more without our partners who are opinion leaders!

We are a small agency which produces big results for clients which we are proud to work with.

The world of technology disrupts preconceptions. Innovation enables new players in the industry to emerge

Our expertise allows us to work with our loyal and prestigous clients.

We would like to thank them for their confidence and for enabling us to work on issues which are exciting, challenging and make us passionate about what we do.

The objective of the agency is to be able to offer innovative technology companies a growing and useful communication service which is adapted according to their needs.

Why the name ‘Licence k’?

To us, the name Licence K was obvious. If one day we were to change it for a better one, we definitely would.

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